Scorsese’s Hitchcock’s The Key to Reserva

For the greatest advertising campaign ever conceived, Catalan winery Freixenet hired Martin Scorsese to direct a (fictional) lost 3.5 page script for Hitchcock.

“I’m obviously not going to shoot them as I would. But can I shoot them as Hitchcock? I don’t think so.  So who will I shoot them as? This is the question.”

The result is a perfectly observed Hitchcockian pastiche. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Scorsese’s Hitchcock’s The Key to Reserva

  1. jeri says:

    Loved this one. At first I was paying close attention to the details of filming, but by the end found myself actually caught up in the tension. :)

    Hmm.. I think it’s time I catch another Hitchcock flick. Yeesh. I just checked imdb and I still have a lot of his movies (mostly older) to check off the list. But I’ve seen 37 of his movies so far, which sounds pretty good to me.

  2. Nobody says:

    Wow, 37 is a ton! I think the most movies I’ve seen by a single director is 20 or so (De Palma naturally).

  3. PRT says:

    That is awesome! The film within the film really felt like Hitchcock, especially the camera work.

  4. Ryan says:

    Makes me want to see Scorcese do a whole film this way. That music is great.

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