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Second Printing of Superman Toilet Paper Sells Out

The Superman comic books in February and March continue to suck according to schedule, as reported a couple months ago. But in an unforeseen twist to this story, comic fans are sucking up the sucking. DC Comics reports that Superman #202 has sold out, as well as second printings of Action Comics #812 and Adventures of Superman #625. Supes sold out two days after its February 25 release, while Action and Adventures also sold out on the same day, five days before they hit stores tomorrow.

Covers by Michael Turner

Senior editor Eddie Berganza said of Supersucking artist Talent Caldwell, “From the first image of Superman on a motorcycle, we knew this was going to be a unique story with a lot of surprises.” The biggest surprise is the discovery that DC has a lot of fans in the blind community.

Sales figures are not yet available for the highly collectible double-ply editions with scented covers: