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If Duplicity suggests what a romantic comedy might look like if Chris Nolan wrote it, then Triangle is a Nolanesque supernatural thriller.

Refreshingly, it does this without either looking like it was shot by Wally Pfister (it’s very bright and sunny, my favorite choice for “horror” movies, and finds inspiration from The Shining) or hiding its surprises by editing the narrative into an artificially structured order. That isn’t to say the narrative is perfectly linear, but it curves in a way that maintains perfect narrative continuity.

At the 43-minute mark there is a Twilight Zone-style reversal (accompanied by a most appropriate visual effect and musical metaphor) and the second half of the film is highly enjoyable as the ramifications unfold.

Triangle instantly became one of my favorites of 2009 and more successfully achieves the character development of The Perfect Getaway without dishonesty or self-conscious conversations about movie conventions.