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I’m not a horror aficionado and even I didn’t find anything new or interesting in Jennifer’s Body.

The hype that this female screenwriter and female director were providing a feminist revisionist take on the genre turns out to be an unfulfilled promise. Despite its unsubtleties, the male-written and -directed Teeth had much more, well, teeth in its gender-avenging role-reversal.

Even the film’s half-baked commentary on community behavior after traumatic events like Columbine and 9/11 is never followed through — even unsatisfactorily.

The best thing about Diablo Cody’s script is that, while not exactly kept to a minimum, there are admittedly fewer Junoisms than in Juno. Although this is an improvement quantitatively, it is qualitatively worse because now  it sticks out like a sore thumb whenever a character says that something is “freaktarded” or tells someone to “get over it and”. The most amusing character turns out to be Adam Brody as the lead singer of a success-obsessed emo band.