Monthly Archives: November 2010


Just saw this tonight. It’s basically a mashup of War of the Worlds (premise and creature design), Independence Day (anti-UFO violence), and Cloverfield (strict adherence to point of view), with a few sprinkles of The Matrix (creature design) and Starship Troopers (anti-alien violence) for good measure, not to mention Die Hard (unity of place) and District 9 (spoiler).

Even though it’s not as good as any of the movies to which it pays homage — except perhaps Independence Day (I haven’t seen that one in ages) — I still enjoyed it, and the 20-million-dollar special effects are virtually indistinguishable from the 200-million-dollar effects of its counterparts.

Unfortunately the characters have less personality than the ones in Cloverfield (and that’s including Turk from Scrubs). With better characters, dialogue, and actors, this could have been one of the more memorable alien invasion pics, but it is still a respectable contribution to the genre given its (relatively speaking) shoestring budget.