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Heroes Season 3 Revealed!

Needless to say, the writers’ strike has taken its toll on quality:

Heroes Update: Homecoming

After a great start, I felt Heroes started losing momentum in the fifth episode, but I looked forward to getting past the six-episode mark which is when commenter Phillip Johnston said it starts taking off. Aside from a few cool moments, like Hiro pausing an explosion, it seems like not much has happened since then, but Episode 8 reached a new level of boring.

Most of the reason is just that I’m really, really (really) tired of Mohinder, not to mention his faux-thoughtful narrations of non sequitors that begin and end each episode (another thing Phillip noted). Hopefully the second season won’t follow suit on that point. But more than half of Episode 8 was Mo chasing around his little soccer spirit guide and whinging about whatever. I appreciate the need to have more substantial scenes with a few characters even if it cuts out others, but there’s no doubt that such focus sacrifices the excitement generated early in the season by showing every character in each episode.

Fortunately I was able to see Episode 9 immediately afterwards over on BBC3 which finally made up for the last few episodes by showing the scene of the Cheerleader running up the steps that we’ve been staring at for two months via Tim Sale’s painting (I still don’t remember the name of the painting character).  Now that we’ve gotten past this threshold I look forward to seeing some fresh developments as Act II gets underway.


Cheers for that!

Every week Heroes is followed by a little 20-minute bit that feels like a DVD featurette. The usual pedestrian interviews with actors, producers, and writers all saying the same thing with slightly different words. I was kind of worried that they might have spoilers in them but last week’s was about special effects and creating the fire that the cheerleader ran into two episodes before, so I figured they were making sure not to spoil anything.

Last night’s bit focused on the character Peter Parker Petrelli, which was reassuringly bland and boring until the last five minutes when they started talking about why he’s the most important character and they gave away his real power! This is after episode 4! I can see in retrospect that there have been a couple of hints but so far it was definitely not clear yet that this was his true ability.

I would have thought that for a show that made such a big deal out of cliffhangers they would have taken care not to do that, but maybe it’s just BBC’s bad programming decision. For all I know they ripped them right off the Season 1 DVD.

Greatest TV I’ve Ever Seen

BBC2 just kicked off the first season of Heroes with the first and second episodes back to back. It’s like Unbreakable x 7 but without Shyamalan’s languid pace. I don’t know how they managed to make every character interesting but they did! (Except for the politician’s younger brother.)

The cheerleader’s outfit was ingenious since it’s what superhero costumes basically look like. It was also great to see the cursed artist be just as talented as Tim Sale (who obviously painted the pieces and drew the comic books). The second episode cliffhanger that fastforwarded five weeks then returned to the series timeline was fantastic. I can’t pick a favorite character!

I know people have been talking about how great Heroes is but I didn’t even imagine it could be this good.