Rhymes with Taco Bell

I’m stealing this outright from the PRT but it’s so tasty I can’t resist!

3 thoughts on “Rhymes with Taco Bell

  1. jeri says:

    Thank you for stealing that, because I hadn’t seen it. And it was AWESOME. I had noticed some of the same things, but not so many as he noticed!

  2. Nobody says:

    Yeah, it’s obvious enough that many pop songs share a conventional chord progression but I had never associated it with classical music (or baroque, more properly). But it makes perfect sense that an aesthetic progression has always been just that.

    But I think he was about a hundred years off with his joke about VH1’s I Love the 1790s.

  3. PRT says:

    And it’s amazing how you start hearing it everywhere when you are looking for it…

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