Blogging DOES Pay

I’m absolutely delighted to report that I’ve just received the first (to my knowledge) blog award for this site, ironically for a post about neither film nor comic books: at the Unbridled Warhorse 2007 Horsey Awards I won the category “Most Outrageously Informative Response to a Question Posted Here” for my thoughts on The Underworld, Otherworld, Faerielond, and Underland.

Unlike most awards in the blogosphere, however, the Horseys come with a monetary prize! An gift certificate for £5 is nothing to sneeze at–that’s practically $10!

Many thanks to the Unbridled Warhorse for his generosity and excellent judgment of character!

2 thoughts on “Blogging DOES Pay

  1. Just don’t go calculating your hourly compensation or you might re-evaluate.

  2. Nobody says:

    Ha! When I mentioned this to Nathan J. a few hours ago he asked what that would be per hour!

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