Make me a bicycle, clown!

I’m not sure who actually did it (please tell me if you know), but Chris Hunter found and posted a cool photoshop manip of Heath Joker:



6 thoughts on “Make me a bicycle, clown!

  1. meital says:

    i love the pic
    i dont know write so well…so sorry
    i want to do pic like u did
    shews funny & beautiful
    u can make me?


  2. angela says:

    Looking back at this time, its funny to see how wrong people were in imagining how Heath would look as The Joker.

  3. Nobody says:

    But it’s not too far off! It’s got the messy eyeliner, unkempt hair, and irregular clothing. Nolan just took it further than anyone was expecting, and to great success I think.

  4. […] what they were three days ago. The top post of all time, still attracting tons of hits, is a photoshop manip of Ledger soon after his casting was announced, and this blog appears second in an image search for […]

  5. Carlos Emond says:

    Hello. fabulousjob. I did not expect this site on a Wednesday.

  6. Nobody says:

    NO ONE expects… this site on a Wednesday?!

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