Troy: Director’s Cut at the ArcLight Tonight

Tonight the ArcLight in Hollywood is showing the new director’s cut of Troy, with a Q&A with Wolfgang Peterson at 7:00 PM before the movie starts. I won’t be able to make it, obviously, but if anyone reading this attends I’d love to hear a first-hand report.

I had heard about this project but had totally forgotten about it until Ryan directed me to this review of the DVD, which also comes out today. I’m glad to hear it’s not just a few scenes incongruously inserted into the pre-existing cut, but more like a re-editing of the whole film.

It’s no secret I already liked the theatrical version well enough (as I always say, if you think it’s bad just wait till you see WB’s 1956 version) but it sounds like this is film as it ought to be, so it’s going to the top of my list of reimagined guity pleasures along with Payback: Straight Up.

I still wish it had included Gabriel Yared’s complete score as an alternate audio track, just as a novelty, but it sounds like the music in this is actually improved, not just lengthened.

As much as I love Sean Bean I didn’t really buy him as Odysseus, in part because I’ve always imagined Liam Neeson as the O-man, and partly because I disliked Bean’s Bon Jovi mullet. So I’m glad to hear this cut has more backstory on Odysseus since in the movie they distilled his wiliness into a single sentence of self-conscious shorthand in which he says “You have your swords. I have my tricks. We play with the toys the gods give us.” But we never saw him do anything very tricky besides stroking his chin, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this cut shows the story of Agamemnon recruiting him.

2 thoughts on “Troy: Director’s Cut at the ArcLight Tonight

  1. jeric2003 says:

    Wish it had been on a weekend so I could have checked it out!

  2. Beady eyes al says:

    I hope in the added scenes involving Sean Bean that he will add an element of the rugged Northern-English shagger he played in Lady Chatterly’s Lover:

    “Happen them Trorjans are gagging fer it, and after I’ve seen tothem I’m gooing to see to thee Penelope thou filthy cow”

    It’d give a whole new lecherous dimension to his beard stroking

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