My summer just got a whole lot better


Live Free or Die Hard

4 thoughts on “My summer just got a whole lot better

  1. Ryan says:

    Holy crap, car vs. helicopter? AWESOME.

    Though, now that I think of it, Rambo III already one-upped it: tank vs. helicopter.

  2. Nobody says:

    The tank v chopper was cool, but mostly because its gun barrel became a battering ram. That tank also lacked the crucial element of being airborne.

    In any case Rambo III is a fascinating movie to watch post-9/11. It came on TV a few months ago and my flatmates and I kept laughing at the irony of its romanticization of the Afghan mujahideen (though admittedly most of them later opposed the Taliban).

  3. […] Die Hard film delivers more than its expected share. The first time I saw the trailer I naturally went bonkers over the anti-chopper auto-projectile, but at the same time was disappointed that the money shot […]

  4. Shane says:

    That scene is awsome… Super Great…!!!! That is quite original this movie is the BOMB I wouldnt mind watching it 50times

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