Danger Girl on the Screen?

Did you know that Abbey Chase, star of J. Scott Campbell's comic book Danger Girl, has already been in theaters?

Well, at least in name.

Tonight while my flatmates were watching National Treasure — the American history version of The DaVinci Code — in an Indiana Jones adventure — I was surprised to hear the name of Nic Cage's obligatory female sidekick, Diane Kruger's character:

Abigail Chase.

Coincidence? DG's most obvious influences are James Bond and Indiana Jones, which seem reflected in the character of Deuce, the Dangerl Girls' mentor and lookalike of Sean Connery who is the common factor of both movie franchises. And not only do both Danger Girl and National Treasure feature archeologically oriented adventures, but Abbey is the actual archeologist of the bunch, like Abigail is a historian at the National Archives.

So, though Diane Kruger's character is significantly less independent and sexy than JSC's, this still seems suspicious to me as a case of outright name-stealing.


2 thoughts on “Danger Girl on the Screen?

  1. Hunter Bevis says:

    I would like to compliment you on your dedication of the protection of the good name of Danger Girl. Would you happen to now which volume the picture you posted come from?

  2. Graham Best says:

    May years later I wondered and googled the same idea only to end up here. If you ask me, Diane Kruger is an excellent Abbey Chase name thief option, especially in National Treasure. I mean, wow, she looks so good in that movie and comes of age as an ass-kicker too.

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