Talk about high-concept on a low budget (skillfully managed to make it look high budget)!

One of the great things about this contribution to the zombie genre is that calling it a zombie flick doesn’t give away its true innovation!

As Nate recommended it to me, so I recommend it in like manner: it is best viewed from a position of ignorance (I didn’t read a single word about it beforehand and am glad I didn’t). But in order to intrigue you further, the only way I can describe it is by asking you to imagine Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast written by Charles Williams (or Grant Morrison).

The big coup for this film is the face and voice of Stephen McHattie, who looks like a cross between Willem Dafoe and Lance Henriksen. He shows many sides in this film, which succeeds largely because it is so compelling just to watch and listen to him. Not to take anything away from the concept of the film itself, because the writer, Tony Burgess, is the star of this show.

2 thoughts on “PONTYPOOL

  1. Ryan says:

    Saw this one a few weeks ago. Had a hard time getting a hold of it (had to start an account with Blockbuster to do it — apparently they have an exclusive on it).

    Really enjoyed the unique premise coupled with the single stage, and McHattie really did a great job selling the whole thing. Terrific performance.

    I was able to get in on this with next to no prior knowledge, so it was a treat to watch the thing unfold and surprise me.

  2. Nobody says:

    Excellent, Ryan! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reporting back.

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