Unfortunately, Muse’s new album is not really as good as their last one, Black Holes and Revelations. The Resistance might represent the fullest expression of what the band wants to be, insofar as they sound more like Queen than ever before, but the result is consequently less original and creative than their best work.


There is a service Matt Bellamy provides to pop culture, which is taking earnest conspiracy theories that too many people take seriously, and transposing them into surreal fantasias about an alternate universe in which gnostic revelation of the suppressed truth provides salvation for the justifiably paranoid.

The Resistance is the most thoroughly realized achievement of this peculiar ability, and its effect on listeners should be comparable to watching Ron Howard’s adaptation of The DaVinci Code: it will probably make them realize that conspiracy theories make for entertaining narratives but they are not serious depictions the real world.

5 thoughts on “THE RESISTANCE by Muse

  1. jeri says:

    Good to hear your brief opinion. :)
    I’ll buy it eventually.

  2. Nobody says:

    It is still a fun listen, and is admittedly growing on me. But just because Broken Embraces is way better than the average movie doesn’t make it Almodovar’s best. For example.

  3. jlebaptiste says:

    Muse are tuned in man. They’ve peeked through the looking glass and seen reality for what it is: a Farenheit 451-esque parade of music videos featuring bands doing bad impressions of Radiohead.

    Ho ho. Aren’t I a shit? I recommend you whet your beak on some Florence and the Machine. It’ll blow your mittens off.

  4. Nobody says:

    Oh my gosh, you called them a poor man’s Radiohead — I never hear that all the time!

    At least I compared them to Ron Howard, which I don’t think has been done before.

  5. jlebaptiste says:

    Wrong on both counts: I called them a poor man’s Ronio Howardyhead. Kind of.

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