Never before have terrorists looked so glamorous!

Imitating the Hollywood cliche (whether ironically or not is unclear) of tough guys swaggering towards the camera while something explodes behind them, this film features two fashionistas catwalk-strutting away from the building they blow up (seen in this trailer at the 1:31 mark). 

These terrorists’ style regime seems to be extreme as their methods. Not only does the Red Army Faction have more women than men (but equally beautiful), even their hunger strike is conducted under the strictest of photogenic conditions.

Even if their political cause doesn’t appeal to you, you’re tempted to agree with their manifestos just because their members look so cool while smoking. 


But although the actors are glamorous without exception, the movie does not glamorize their activity and martials only minimal sympathy for them.



  1. Abs Rohman says:

    As the old adage goes ” Beauty is in the eye of the cigarette holder”

  2. Nobody says:

    Ha ha, brilliant! I wish I’d thought of that, it perfectly describes this film!

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