It was a nice reprieve to ignore this blog for a few days which somehow turned into twelve weeks but I think I’ll start posting some reviews here again for posterity. What better way to start (again) than with a review of the new Bond flick.

If you’ve been loyally checking back I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long!

8 thoughts on “Returns

  1. PRT says:

    Welcome back!

  2. redison says:

    apology accepted, but don’t ever do that again.

  3. jeri says:

    Thank you for returning. We were all having “where is he?” conversations via email. It’s no fun for it to be just Ryan and I talking about movies. Not that it’s not fun comparing Netflix ratings with you, Ryan. :)

  4. Nobody says:

    Ha! That cracked me up, Raymond. (By the way, how do you expect people to comment on the caption reviews in your sidebar? I’m glad you like Dear Frankie too — I never miss an opportunity to bawl my eyes out again whenever it’s on TV — but since there was no place for me to say so, you’ve forced me to embarrass myself on my own blog!)

    It feels good to be back Jeri, I just realized if I’m writing reviews for the BBS I might as well post them here while I’m at it!

  5. redison says:

    It’s my Flixster RSS feed. Quite unfortunate, really, because it doesn’t even include my star ratings. It’s just…so simple, the whole automatic RSS thing. But it’s seems maybe its my time to apologize for my laziness. Sorry.

    I love Dear Frankie! There’s really no tear-jerking involved anymore. I just say ‘screw it’ and let it all out willingly. It’s quite the therapeutic movie…

  6. Nobody says:

    Likewise! I love this account of the reaction of Dick Copaken, a founder of Epagogix, to Dear Frankie (it’s on the first page of this very interesting article about his firm).

  7. redison says:

    Oh wooow. INTENSE article! Just spent the 40 minutes reading it (and its 4 in the morning here!). So long, but so good. And, again, I actually started getting all teary-eyed at the beginning when Copaken’s experience with Dear Frankie was being told. Just hearing about someone else having an deeply emotional reaction to the movie gets me going…

    And Epagogix is of the devil! Haha. Interesting to the nth degree, but as mentioned towards the end of the article, movies like Dear Frankie would seize getting made if Epagogix become an industry staple. And that would spell disaster for humanity.

  8. redison says:

    Oh, and btw… new huge fan of The New Yorker here. Not sure I should thank, or scorn, though. Only so many hours in the day, you know, for this internet stuff…

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