Looking through the chinks in the Dark Knight’s armor

The presumably final trailer for The Dark Knight is now out in very good quality.

Trailers are usually made by marketing departments, not the director, but we know Nolan was responsible for the thematically distinct teasers for Batman Begins. So he is probably in control of the Dark Knight trailers as well, but who knows?

Whomever is responsible, this new trailer shows a lot of leg (though never for too long) including the moment before Harvey’s face becomes scarred (at 1:54), as well as a split-second glimpse of his face post-scarring, barely seen on the away-from-camera side of his face which he’s touching with a revolver (at 2:03).

We also see the Joker tossing Rachel out a window (at 1:56), possibly to her death but — given Batman’s penchant for basejumping and gliding seen at the beginning and end of the trailer — not necessarily.

I am really loving Ledger as the Joker; I think he has more Caesar Romero in him than I had previously realized. One shot in particular reminds me of Romero, right when he says “go” (at 1:39).

For the past three days I’ve been wondering if Iron Man would turn out to be my favorite movie of the year but the Bat has come back with a vengeance in my constantly fluctuating geek leaderboard.

I think Indy 4 is going to be the surprise disappointment of the summer. It’ll still make a bucket of money but I predict that it will, like Spidey 3, make 45% of its total earnings in the opening weekend and have no legs. A bold prediction but I follow my instincts!


2 thoughts on “Looking through the chinks in the Dark Knight’s armor

  1. jeri says:

    I just can’t get excited about this movie. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess I was just a bit disappointed with Batman Begins. While it was well executed and Bale is the best Batman, I felt like it was missing something special. It didn’t amaze me or wow me at all. And these trailers don’t either.

    But of course, I’m still going to see it!

  2. Nobody says:

    That is so weird. You’re right, something is definitely wrong with you.

    How many times have you seen Batman Begins? I know we’ve had this conversation before but if you haven’t seen it since the theater I strongly recommend watching it on DVD where the colors pop out a bit more. And I usually hate flashbacks but the first act of Begins integrates them so well (thematically and visually) I can’t resist it.

    Furthermore, the choice of villains works so perfectly with Batman’s origin, the whole film is just a masterpiece of synthesis, but maybe my appreciation comes from my familiarity from the diversity of source material.

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