As Prison Break gets increasing dark and decreasingly fun, my favorite new show is Journeyman! We’re apparently seven weeks behind as tonight I just saw a repeat of the first episode, following Prison Break on SkyOne, but it looks like NBC will be airing Episode 8 tonight. If it’s anything like the first — and word is the show gets better every week — you’re in for a great balance of episode-length micro-story with macro-arc intrigue related to the time-travelling protagonist’s personal life, which is immediately complicated by the fact that in the past he’s engaged to a different woman than the one he’s married to in the present.

Kevin McKidd (Rome’s Lucius) is undeniably a poor-man’s Daniel Craig but I think I’ll soon be able to see him as himself instead of just a budget-friendly lookalike. Though Journeyman shares similarities with Early Edition, the unpredictable time-travelling premise should keep it from being as formulaic, taking its cues instead from Frequency and Heroes’ Hiro. And being filmed in the most photogenic city on earth (San Francisco) makes it all the more easy on the eyes.

5 thoughts on “Journeyman

  1. linds says:

    I’m so glad you’ve found Journeyman! We’re really surprised at how much we’re enjoying it, especially in light of the downward spiral that is Heroes season 2.

  2. Nobody says:

    I hear everyone’s going to be taken out of their Heroes misery early this season! I only know one person who loves Season 2.

    But I’m worried the WGA strike is going to prematurely scuttle Journeyman before it has a chance to establish itself.

  3. Beady eyes Al says:

    Would that one person be me?

  4. Nobody says:

    Who else? However in the past week someone else told me he was enjoying Season 2 (also British). So that makes two of you.

  5. Beady eyes Al says:

    Who else indeed! I should translate that into Latin and have it as my motto. If you ask me, the viewing public (excepting me and my new friend, also British) is a myopic dribbling hunchback on whom quality television is wasted. My evidence:

    – Premature cancellation of Farscape
    – Premature cancellation of Firefly
    – Slightly less premature (but premature nonetheless) cancellation of Enterprise
    – The well-publicised drop in viewing figures after the Season break in Heroes Season 1, indicative, I wager, of one of the following four things:
    1) miniscule mnemonic capacity of the viewing public
    2) inability to recognise when a denouement has or
    hasn’t occurred
    3) slatternly, nay, wanton lack of commitment to
    favourite shows
    4) sudden death of a large proportion of the viewing
    public, due, no doubt, to their own astounding

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