Dobkin and Berlanti Green Lighted in a Flash

According to the MTV Movies Blog, the director of Shanghai Knights, Wedding Crashers, and Fred Claus has been hired to direct The Flash. According to David Dobkin:

“It’s designed to work as a spin-off from [‘JLA’], so we’re honoring the story and we’re working in tandem with the storytelling,” he said. “I think we’ll just have to see how the movie does and how it works off it, but it certainly would be a movie that comes after ‘Justice League.’”

Speaking of JLA, Ain’t It Cool News posted some major plot points from a recent(ish) incarnation of the script. If you speak DCese, it sounds to me like the story is largely based on the OMAC Project miniseries and the Sacrifice storyline that crossed over the Superman titles and Wonder Woman in the summer of 2005.

Meanwhile, TV writer and producer Greg Berlanti has been hired to direct Green Lantern, but unlike The Flash this one looks like it might not spin off from JLA because the Hollywood Reporter claims he pitched a Hal Jordan origin story, while the details on AICN list John Stewart as the Green Lantern in JLA. The JLA Lantern could have changed to Hal Jordan but I doubt it because that would make the team all white (not counting the green-skinned Martian Manhunter for whom a black actor may be cast in any case).

I don’t know what’s going on with these director signings. I haven’t seen his Everwood series but Berlanti’s only directorial credit in either TV or film is 2000’s The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy. After getting Chris Nolan and Bryan Singer I thought Warner Bros. was on a roll attracting established talent to DC franchises. Then again, maybe Berlanti will be the next Francis Lawrence.


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