Yes, Walter, you’re right, there is an unspoken message here

Thanks to Dennis Cozzalio for reviewing the new book by the founders of Lebowski Fest. As much as I love the movie (it’s undoubtedly in my personal Top Twenty) it sounds to me like the book smacks too much of ruining a joke by explaining it.

Not that I don’t enjoy explaining why I think the movie is so great, but this book seems to be heavy on description and light on analysis or insight, so I think this Little Lebowski Urban Achiever is going to take a pass. Maybe I’m worried The Big Lebowski is in danger of becoming the next Napoleon Dynamite, which I never liked but overexposure and fan insistence on its hilarity probably inspired me to despise it.

But don’t let me stop you from checking it out: order it here and let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Yes, Walter, you’re right, there is an unspoken message here

  1. Yeah, I didn’t come right out and say it in the review, but that is the subtext– it’s too much minutiae, not enough illumination, and it had the effect of making me feel overexposed to the movie for the first time. I tried watching it the day I finished the book, and after about a half hour I shut it off. I still think the movie is great, but it’ll be another couple of years before I revisit it.

  2. Nobody says:

    Thanks for the confirmation, Dennis. I don’t recall my post title being intended as a description of your review per se (it’s just one of my favorite lines) but the quote obviously sprang to mind for a reason!

    Though I’ve owned the DVD for years I’ve only seen the movie three or four times in total and I keep postponing my next viewing. Perhaps it doesn’t require regular viewings because each scene is so vivid and they never really slip from memory.

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