Everybody Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief

The impending expiry of the WGA contract at the end of October is threatening production of the Justice League of America movie intended to be directed by George Miller of Happy Feet fame/notoriety. Admittedly he also directed the Mad Max trilogy so he might not have been completely inept, but the last news we heard was that Jessica Biel was in, then out, as Wonder Woman.

I actually think she wouldn’t be such a bad choice for the role, but I still think the movie is just a bad idea in general before Singer’s second Superman film or Nolan’s (hopeful) third if last Batman picture. Even though Superman and Batman would most likely not be played by Brandon Routh and Christian Bale in a Justice League movie — which I think is a good idea whether it were made next year or after the conclusions of the individual franchises — I think it makes most sense not to have the characters appear concurrently in separate continuities.

Let Nolan and Bale finish their trilogy, then reinvent Batman as a character that would be compatible with superpowered partners for a Justice League adventure. Let Singer and Routh have another try at a movie worthy of Action Comics, then recast Superman with an actor that would be more credible as the leader of a team of superheroes.


2 thoughts on “Everybody Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief

  1. startingtoday says:

    Only read through real quick, but I’m getting that you don’t think Christian Bale is a great Batman??

  2. Nobody says:

    Far from it, Bale is the first actor ever to credibly portray Bruce Wayne and Batman (apart from Kevin Conroy’s voice). In some ways I think Batman Begins is better than any version of the character’s origin in the comics. I just don’t think Bale’s Batman, defined as he is by the realistic world created by Nolan, should be made to interact with superhumans to fight the extraterrestrial threats intercepted by the JLA.

    I love the atmosphere of Nolan’s Gotham, devoid of supernatural powers, where the true age of Ra’s al Ghul is left unclear. It suits a young Batman whose most effective crime fighting tactic so far is bullying criminals by exploiting their superstition and cowardice. But I just can’t picture Bale’s Batman infiltrating a UFO and punching out aliens alongside the Martian Manhunter.

    For a Batman that holds his own among the JLA, he must be an older hero, having honed his detective skills and built up a greater arsenal of technological resources. But his most important asset to the team must be the fact that he’s an unparalleled strategist and tactician, in the mold of Morrison’s depiction of Batman in the JLA title of the 90s.

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