Countdown to Friday

I admit to being very excited by Chris Faris declaring 3:10 to Yuma one of his “top 5 of all time.” From any other source I would still be skeptical but, like me, he rated Children of Men “easily the best” of 2006.

But even I can’t believe any movie could possibly live up to a poster as awesome as this:


Or its billboard variation:


Don’t know why the US got this uninspiring mock-up instead:


But this one at least looks cool:


In any case this coming weekend is potentially the best of the Fall here with Disturbia, Shoot Em Up, Superbad, and 3:10 all coming out on Friday.

I’m assuming Shoot Em Up will be hideous but I can’t help seeing any movie that has people shooting after they’ve jumped out of an airplane. I guess the question is whether its gratuity will be for the sake of self-conscious genre satire (Crank) as a cartoon without apparent irony (Death Sentence). I just can’t believe Clive Owen would consent to a movie without anything to recommend it.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Friday

  1. See, “time waits for one man” makes me want this to be about a gun-slinger with reality-warping super powers. Now I’m going to be disappointed…

  2. Nobody says:

    It sounds like the new Booster Gold ongoing comic is recasting him as the Sheriff of Time, which kind of works with the star on his chest like a badge. I think it should be moved over to the side though and a little smaller, without making it a six-pointed star with circles on the points.

  3. These lists never get old, can’t help but click

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