Ain’t It Willis?

This is ancient news for the internet, but two weeks ago many of the posters on an AICN message board — irate upon hearing that Live Free or Die Hard has been rated PG-13 — naturally didn’t believe a movie-defender’s claim to be Bruce Willis until he invited anyone to iChat him and post the vidcaps, but he spent the night answering their questions about the movie (and the rest of his filmography) anyway:

The first DH was the most fun, because it was all very new, and at that time I had no idea it would become a quartet of Films spanning 22 years.

The second was my least favorite, and the least fun. Far too self-referentially precious, the story was all over the place, and suffered from severe un-claustrophobic-ness.

This last one was the most draining, physically, and mentally. I will have been working on this Film for an entire year by the time it opens, but most definitely the most rewarding from an artistic standpoint. And I have already gone on record as saying it will be as good, if not better than the first Film.

Walter B’s posts are fun to read, and among other reflections on his career, he says of his line “Just the fax, ma’am” in Die Hard 2:

I can seldom sit thru DH2 long enough to get to that line, but it seemed cute enough at the time. But yes, now, cringe-able.

Willis is honest about which films of his were stinkers (Striking Distance, Sunset) and he even talks about recent failures:

Perfect Stranger was ruined by the producers.
. . . I was disappointed with that film, and I agree with you opinion of it. Everyone tried hard, worked hard, but it was not to be.

So I was glad to see that he isn’t embarrassed by the unfairly reviled Hudson Hawk:

Even though I got lambasted in the press for that film, I still stand by it, and btw, bad reviews or not, that movie is in profit now.

He also answered more questions in a second thread, including his assessment of Unbreakable:

Night and I both feel we should have started with the 2nd episode, which would haver been the Battle movie, not the origin movie, which is really the movie we made. But I stand proud with Unbreakable.

One thought on “Ain’t It Willis?

  1. Ryan says:

    It’s fun hearing stars answer the fans directly, especially when they don’t mind trashing an honestly bad film they did. Usually they’re too afraid of burning bridges to be so candid.

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