Eckhart Elected DA

I don’t know how I missed this piece of news almost two weeks ago. Oh wait, yes I do: I’ve been busy!


 So Aaron Eckhart will be Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight (he shares a few thoughts on the character here). Gotham City’s District Attorney sounds like a natural blend of his roles last year as charming corporate spokesman and obsessed cop.

dahlia.jpgMy fantasy casting has long been Gary Sinese for the role but he’s probably too obviously sinister, while Eckhart should be able to convey a genuine likeability necessary to offset his dark tendencies. He has to make us believe, even as Two-Face, why Bruce doesn’t give up hope for him and still considers Harvey his friend.

Once again Chris Nolan demonstrates his casting genius. The only thing I’m not happy about is the rumor that Maggie Gyllenhaal will be replacing Katie Holmes… as the same character. Sure, K.Ho was the weak link in Batman Begins, but who wouldn’t be when the other links are Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Tom Wilkinson, and Rutger Hauer?

Say what you like about Gyllenhaal’s acting ability (overdone being the operative word, making her the “weak link” in Stranger than Fiction) but not even possession by the spirit of Thespis could compensate for her droopy face and slouchy shoulders. Good gravy, man, you’re making a motion picture! It’s a visual medium! How are people going to appreciate the photographic genius of Wally Pfister if an actress makes the audience look away in disgust!

The only thing inspiring about that piece of news is the fact that MTV used the world “frienemy” in the title (I only recently discovered Mean Girls).


Would you let this woman spoil your negatives?

Of course not.

13 thoughts on “Eckhart Elected DA

  1. Ryan says:

    Ha ha ha! I actually found her less annoying after watching Stranger Than Fiction, if you can believe that. She was even sorta cute. But I will agree that that picture makes Droopy less self-conscious.

    I think you’re right about Eckhart’s ability to pull off the likeability better than Sinise would have.

    Eckhart’s name gave me a flashback to the first Batman: “Think about the future, Eckhart.” *BLAM*

  2. Ryan says:

    Aw hell, Summer 2008? !#@$#@

  3. jeri says:

    I heard that Rachel McAdams was talked about to take over for Holmes. I think that would be a great casting choice.

  4. Nobody says:

    Speaking of Mean Girls! Rachel McAdams would be fantastic. I liked her in Red Eye too, and she actually acted in Wedding Crashers as if it was a real movie!

    I still wish Katie Holmes was reprising her role for continuity’s sake — casting changes smack of the Burton-Schumacher tetralogy — and because I was looking forward to her getting killed by the Joker.

    But since that’s evidentally a no-go, count me on Team McAdams. She would’ve been a good Sue Storm in FF as well.

  5. Ryan says:

    “Tetralogy”? “Quadrilogy,” my friend. Fox knows all.

  6. Nobody says:

    Last summer I actually watched the all the Alien movies for the first time within a week thanks to my buddy’s Quadrilogy.

    It was fun to watch them in close proximity, though -s, -3, and Resurrection suffered from the comparison. I was disappointed that the fourth one discontinued the tradition of the opening shot being of the hypersleep modules, but I was intrigued by the story despite Sigourney’s terrible acting (supposedly for story reasons I guess).

    Back on topic, however, this post was linked by When Fangirls Attack but who knows if it was complimentary or not!

  7. Not at all disappointed, but not really thrilled by Eckhart, either. I’m sure he’ll fullfil the role well, but I have to admit, I’d warmed to some of the other fan-pics; Liev Schrieber, Clive Owen…

    I’m certainly not DISAPPOINTED like I am by Ledger, though.

    While Eckhart just isn’t MY personal preference, Ledger seems entirely without advantage.

    That and I just can’t get over Adrien Brody…

  8. Nobody says:

    I think Adrien Brody, like Crispin Glover, would have been too “obvious,” too naturally freakish.

    I like the Ledger casting because it isn’t obvious and I think he’s actually a good actor (as Brokeback showed). That said, Ledger might still look the part as well.

    I also just have complete faith in Nolan’s casting eye. As Kosta put it recently, “Nolan is a charming example of someone who can literally paint with the talent he has on screen.”

    As for Harvey, Liev Schrieber was also a favorite of mine knowing Nolan would probably cast someone more the age of Bale. I actually think Eckhart overacted a bit in The Black Dahlia, but De Palma isn’t really known as an “actor’s director” and in Nolan’s hands I think Eckhart will hit the right notes.

  9. Eh, I guess I really WANT obvious this time around.
    I like Brody because he’s got the natural attributes, whilst still have a lot of worthy acting credentials. Which is what I believe notably distances him from the Glover casting.

    I gather it’s not really on the cards, but if the story had somehow featured the man before the Joker, I would’ve LOVED to have seen Brody in that role.
    His penchant for suits that are a little too large, and a sad expression just… Ugh… I would’ve loved to have seen something like that. The pathetic weed of a man who becomes something terrifying!

    I personally don’t think, regardless of the various photoshops floating around, Ledger really possesses any inherent positives for the role. Including acting talent.

    I tend to agree. I think Nolan has more than proven his competency, and I don’t think Ledger will DESTROY the movie.
    I just don’t see anything advantageous about him, or interesting.

    Eckhart likewise, but as you say, he’s still a pretty safe deal.
    I’m less bothered by Eckhart than I am Ledger.

    But fair enough, and I’m sure I can still look forward to a bloody fantastic film!

  10. Nobody says:

    Worst fears realized.

    Heath Ledger seems to be working his way through the Gyllenhaal family — the only thing left is being in a crappy movie directed by father Stephen.

  11. simon says:

    Are you insane, man? Maggie Gyllenhaal is the loveliest woman working in Hollywood today.

  12. jeri says:

    Uh-oh. Looks like Maggie’s been confirmed to take over the role. Sorry!

  13. Nobody says:

    I may in fact be insane, Simon, but even sanitarium guests must speak the truth as they see it.

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