Red Carpet Roberry

I’m not going to “liveblog” the Oscars — I can’t watch them because they’re only on cable this year — but as I check in on the updates of winners I can’t let this one pass unremarked.

The Black Dahlia and The Prestige both looked great, but there’s no doubt The Illusionist had last year’s best photography and Children of Men its best camera movement. Either one would have been deserving winners, though Children of Men was the more impressive achievment. The only nominee out of its depth in this category was Pan’s Labyrinth.

It deserved its Oscars for both Art Direction and Makeup — no argument from me there — but there is a difference between what is filmed and how it is filmed. The Illusionist and Children of Men were stunning visually because of how they were filmed, but Pan’s Labyrinth was visually remarkable mostly because of what was filmed. Get it straight!

One thought on “Red Carpet Roberry

  1. jeri says:

    I agree. I think the Academy tends to try and “balance out” the ballot. Since they gave best foreign to The Lives of Others, they balanced that out by giving Pan’s Labyrinth all the minor categories. I’m just glad Babel didn’t win much. If it had to win for anything, the music was pretty good. I’m glad Scorsese finally won, but feel sad that it had to be for the Departed, which was much less complicated of a movie to direct than his previously nominated films.

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