Influence of Animal Man on Infinite Crisis

As referenced in my comment on the previous post, here is the relevant page where Buddy Baker sees the cave drawings and realizes “a second crisis is coming”:


Animal Man #18, December 1989, page 18

Of course it was drawn vaguely enough that it could represent anything (I think Zero Hour used to be theorized as the future crisis it must have predicted), but now in light of Infinite Crisis I don’t see how the central figure cannot be interpreted as Alex Luthor. And those must be a couple of Flahes with Mercury helmets in that upper pictogram.

Then, of course, the moment when Buddy sees us (in Earth-Prime land?):


Animal Man #19, January 1990, page 11

4 thoughts on “Influence of Animal Man on Infinite Crisis

  1. Hey Not, isn’t there also a moment in one of these final issues in which someone–maybe Merryman, or maybe the Psycho-Pirate or someone he’s conjured up–says that Earth-Prime has been devastated by a nuclear war, but the comics have survived? This would suggest that E-P is still around, post-crisis.

    Of course, this brings up the question of whether the “Grant Morrison” who appears in Animal Man is the Earth-Prime Grant Morrison or another one. Earth-Prime-Prime.

  2. Nobody says:

    Good call, the Psycho-Pirate says: “The comics probably come from Earth-Prime. It was devastated by a nuclear war but I expect some of the comics survived. Collectors always make sure their comics will survive” (#24, p. 11).

    However, it seems this nuclear war is not something that happened since the Crisis but a reference to the “Crisis on Earth-Prime” (JLA #207-209, 1982) in which Per Degaton stole nukes during the Cuban Missle Crisis (heh) in 1962 and detonated them, but his plan was thwarted by the Justice Leagues of E1 and E2 so the nuclear devastation became just an alternate future of Earth-Prime.

    Besides, Psycho-Pirate indicates that all the destroyed universes survive (not just E-Prime), though only in his head (that’s where the E-Prime comics came from): “It came out of my HEAD. There are still an infinite number of worlds in there [pointing to his head] but I don’t think I’m going to last long enough to let them all out.”

    Hypertime further complicates things, as Julie Schwartz is shown (alongside the cosmic treadmill Flash left on Earth-Prime in #179) as a fragment of Hypertime in The Kingdom #2 (p. 33).

    Of course, this brings up the question of whether the “Grant Morrison” who appears in Animal Man is the Earth-Prime Grant Morrison or another one. Earth-Prime-Prime.

    Even if Earth-Prime did not survive the Crisis, the “Crisis on Earth-Prime” story suggests that E-Prime is not exactly our Earth because its history does diverge from ours, for example the later appearance of Superboy-Prime immediately before Crisis.

    Indeed, as soon as writers wrote themselves and Earth-Prime into stories it immediately distinguished E-Prime from our Earth because it fictionalizes themselves and their world. When Grant Morrison picks up Animal Man #26, is he looking in a mirror or at his dopplegagner in Prime-2?

    My head hurts!

  3. cubrikaska says:

    Esto no en absoluto lo que me es necesario.

  4. […] pupils visible, but he’s definitely facing forward. Distracted by a crime in the distance? An Animal Man-esque awareness of the reader? Trying to get a good sniff of Supergirl’s hair? Your guess is as […]

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