I.C. You

As a supplement of sorts to my previous post on the possibility that Earth-Prime will (re)emerge as a (if not the) primary parallel world in the post-IC universe, here is the scene from Infinite Crisis #6 (page 29 in the original issue, page 203 in the hardcover) in which Alex Luthor is searching for Earth-Prime among the newly reconstituted worlds.

I don’t have a scanner so I had to take this with a digital camera, but before he reaches out to the reader, breaking the fourth wall, Alex is saying to himself:


…where are…?



If anybody has a proper scan of this I’d appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “I.C. You

  1. Matt says:

    My interpretation of that scene was that when Alex said ‘You.’ he saw one of the Monitors for the first time, which he didn’t expect. I don’t think he ever located Earth Prime.

  2. Nobody says:

    Interesting… I assumed it was a nod to the famous scene in Animal Man #19 (Grant Morrison’s “response” to Crisis on Infinite Earths) where Buddy Baker suddenly sees the reader and realizes he is a fictional character.

    It was also the preceding issue (Animal Man #18) that predicted “a second Crisis” and Infinite Crisis #2 itself opened with Animal Man rummaging through a closet containing many tokens from Morrison’s run on the title, quite an explicit acknowledgment of that series’ relevance to the unfolding events.

  3. Matt says:

    You raise some compelling points, with references to Animal Man (which I had forgotten about). With this new information, I am somewhat forced to agree with your original hypothesis – Alex found Earth Prime and broke the fourth wall.

  4. Nobody says:

    Cool, thanks for saying so!

  5. […] As referenced in my comment on the previous post, here is the relevant page where Buddy Baker sees the cave drawings and realizes “a second crisis is coming”: […]

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