Then we will fight in the shade

Wow. I was skeptical about this but the trailer suggests that 300 might turn out to be better than both Sin City and Troy!


4 thoughts on “Then we will fight in the shade

  1. berowl says:

    I agree

  2. MWS says:

    Uncut, steadicam fight scenes seem promising. Except, as a martial purist I doubt the MMA hodge-podge the fight choreographers are offering will be either authentic or plausible (cringing recollections of Achilles Pitt doing stupid things with his spear vs. Hector Bana).

    I haven’t read [the] Miller’s tale (sic), but I suspect any consideration for the historical event or human virtue will be subsumed in mere spectacle.

    Can the spectacle be worth it? Well, I suppose it could.

  3. Nobody says:

    You didn’t like the Pitt vs. Bana fight?! Are you nuts? Achilles was the Michael Jordan of bronze-age warfare, of course he should be wielding his spear like a pool cue!

    They made me believe two people could actually fight a duel with spears!

    If you dislike Troy all you have to do is see WB’s 1956 production “Helen of Troy,” in which a black-haired, pointy-bearded Achilles fights Hector by whacking him with the blunt end of his spear!

    The siege of Troy also features medieval-style siege towers, by which several Greeks actually get over the wall of Troy during battles. Kind of ruins the Trojan Horse.

    In other words, it makes the 2004 “remake” look like The Passion of the Christ.

  4. berowl says:

    Well, I got Miller’s comics and I can tell you it really is great. But the movie will clearly be different as I’ve seen the videos of the production blog and they indent to make a fantasy version of it, with monsters and everything. I think it can’t hurt, as Frank Miller himself agrees about it and one of his caracter (the traitor) looks like a monster we see him in the trailer, he looks like quasimodo… I really enjoy the idea of monsters vs spartans.
    there are more informations on my site, come and see it (

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