Inferno on Film

Ever since seeing Vertigo again on Sunday afternoon (on a 70mm print no less!), I’ve been obsessing over spirals again and daydreaming how I would film that most spiral-infused of all works, The Divine Comedy. Then I discovered that there is a production of “Dante’s Inferno” that was made this year, though it seems not to have been picked up by a distributor yet.

It’s based on Sandow Birk’s illustrations which set it in a decrepit Los Angeles, and though its adaptation as a “toy puppet” production is interesting, the trailer does not seem to indicate a very sophisticated interpretation of the poem. But I’m up for it and would probably support anything that increases consciousness of Dante and interest in his work.

2 thoughts on “Inferno on Film

  1. jeri says:

    Yay, spirals! I like the use of them in Dark City, although that’s more of a drawing-on-walls-and-people thing than shots and set designs.

  2. Nobody says:

    Pi is another good spiral movie.

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