I've been intending to see the original Italian Job for a long time, and it helpfully appeared on TV this afternoon. It was better than I expected. I'd heard it was good, but Michael Caine was cooler than cool and the final chase surprised me. I was expecting a traditional Bourne Identity style chase through the streets but it was quite original.

Mike Caine also has one of the best-ever last lines that you don't realise is a last line until the credits come up. I was on the edge of my seat (actually I was laying on the couch, but I was on the mental edge of my mental seat) and couldn't believe it when the cast scroll started. Movies should do that more often because it puts a smile on everyone's face as the movie ends, and it's better for people to wish the movie kept going than for it go too far.

I love Mark Wahlberg, and Charlize Theron, and Ed Norton, and Jason Statham… but their version can't possibly be better than the orginal gangstas so I don't think I'll bother looking it up. And if no one sings "we're the self preservation society" then what point is there, really?


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