X-Men Missing the X-fACTOR

Here’s a seven-minute series of clips from X3.

The good news is that the sepcial effects shown in the last minute look pretty good.

The bad news is that the acting looks pretty bad. “So what?” you ask. “The acting was pretty bad in the first two.” Well, what I mean is the acting looks pretty bad compared to the first two. It might also be that the script is a little worse.

In any case, I’m now not looking forward to this as much as I was before, and I’m now more excited about this year’s Bryan Singer movie than by this year’s X-Men movie.

2 thoughts on “X-Men Missing the X-fACTOR

  1. X-Men 3 – extra scene at end (spoilers!)

    I saw the X-Men 3 movie today; really good!
    However, I was asked to fill out a “Producers’ Questionnaire” with part before and part after the movie….

    I was filling in the part after the movie, and low-and-behold, an extra scene came on briefly AFTER all the credits were over….

    spoiler:Xavier’s voice (don’t remember what he said) talking to a nurse in a hospital room…Has anyone else seen this, or was it just for “Questionnaire” people ?

  2. Nobody says:

    No, that scene was included in all cuts of the film. I saw it and everybody else (who stayed) has seen it.

    My review of the whole film is (still) forthcoming.

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