Superman’s Trailer Full of Goodness

Can't believe it was on the internet for ten hours before I noticed it, but the first full trailer has finally been released for
Superman (large size recommended). I have to admit it looks better than I expected and now I really want to see it.

It looks great, some of it is pretty dark but other scenes are very bright. Singer is starting to do more interesting things with lighting; several scenes look like Speilberg's recent films, with a dark foreground and bright light in the backgroud.

Everybody mentions Brandon Routh's similarity to Christopher Reeve, but his voice sounds practically identical to Tim Daly, the voice of Superman on the 90s animated series and Justice League Unlimited.

Since Routh's shoulders aren't as wide as Reeve and he looks downright babyfaced compared to Reeve's square jaw and thick neck, he is in danger of not looking very powerful but thankfully the special effects are able to compensate. One of the nice things about this movie is we'll finally get to see Superman actually flying as fast as he's capable. We've seen it in the cartoon but not in live action. My favorite part of the trailer is when Superman lands straight down in front of Luthor. THUD! That's what I'm talking about!


The only thing I still don't like is the way his cape attaches to his neck, but that's old news. Oh, and the fact that when he's Superman he doesn't part his hair on the left side, which means that his spit curl doesn't make an "S".

But otherwise it looks like this actually might turn out to be one of the better action movies, with or without a superhero.

4 thoughts on “Superman’s Trailer Full of Goodness

  1. Shane says:

    I can’t believe they left that li’l detail out. I mean, the curl *has* to make an “S” — else it’s just not Superman anymore! :-/ Can’t wait to watch this one. Won’t be showing in my neck o’the woods for another two weeks.

  2. Nobody says:

    I won’t get to see it till July 14 — the rest of the world will already be bored of it by then!

  3. Nobody says:

    I just picked up the new softcover of Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 1, and Jim Lee also parts his hair on the right, eliminating the S-curl!

    But at least Brandon Routh HAS a curl; in “Lois & Clark” only Clark had a curl while Superman slicked his hair back — talk about Bizarro!

  4. Shane says:

    July?? Then again, I might’ve gotten my dates wrong… I better go check… dum dee dum dee dum… :-) hehe

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