Kirsten Dunst Becomes Ultimate Villain!

What on earth is Sofia Coppola thinking/smoking? Let Them Eat Cake as hip, teen rom com? Does anyone know if the pop music is just for the trailer or is it really going to be like A Knight’s Tale all through?

It’s either going to be a genre-bending masterpiece in which Sofia manages to have her cake and eat it to, or else a cosmic singularity of bad taste that will probably lead to acts of violence in Grosvenor Square. Because if pebbly toothed Kirsten Dunst behaving like a princess doesn’t make you want to kill rich people for tolerating her, nothing does.

In case you’re not yet aware, the origin of KD’s frighteningly tiny pebble teeth has been discovered. No wonder she was cast in Interview with the Vampire! But when are they going to fall out so her adult (vampire) teeth can grow in?

Thank goodness Gwen Stacy will be in Spidey 3 to bring Tobey to his senses (at least) if not precipitate a red-headed casualty (at best).

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