Bullpen Surveillance

Chris of 2 Guys surreptitiously recorded a recent Quesada-Bendis-Millar-Brubaker meeting at Marvel. The transcript is, I have to say, exactly what we suspected.

I keep wondering why I don't buy any Marvel comics but as long as Quesada stays in thrall to the Bendis-Millar-industrial complex, I don't expect anything to change. It's one thing for a few writers to shape the direction of a universe like at DC, but for only one or two minds to be basically in control of the Marvel Universe for several years now, while insuring a kind of continuity, doesn't give the readers much diversity. I mean, even the Kubert brothers bailed!

Oh well, it's DC's gain, as usual. Looking up at my shelf of TPBs I've bought in the last six months, I count 29 DC or Vertigo books and 4 by Marvel. To the quality goes the spoils.

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