Liefeld Dislocates Shoulder

I don't hate Rob Liefeld. In fact, I love reading interviews with him just because he's always positive and never slams anybody though he's often on the receiving end of criticism, whether deserved or not.

But the guy's art astounds me more and more with every new piece I see. So this is my new favorite example of skewed Liefeld perspective:

I'm not talking about the dissimilar sizes of Hulk's two shoulders, or the fact that if your right arm is that big you couldn't have a shoulder that small. That's just the usual Liefeld style, a kind of parody of comic book art.

Those could be filed under mere Distorted Anatomy but the way the center of Hulk's right shoulder attaches to the FRONT of his bicep reminds me more of a mind-warping MC Escher drawing. Now it looks right, now it doesn't!

As for where the picture is from, apparently Liefeld is doing a new Marvel project on the tenth anniversary of Heroes Reborn. I admit I was one of those Loeb mentions in the interview whose first Fantastic Four comic was the first issue of Jim Lee's Heroes Reborn series, and whose first Captain America comic was Liefeld's #1 at the same time, though it soon led me to the trades of Waid and Garney's previous runs including "Operation: Rebirth" and "Man Without a Country."

I had just rediscovered comics for the first time since childhood and the Heroes Reborn event accomplished just what it was supposed to, providing an ideal jumping-on point for someone like me. So even though I can't comprehend Liefeld's stylistic idiosyncracies, I don't know why I should be ashamed of my personal collecting and education history.

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