Certified Miracle: All Star Batmobile Reaches Batcave

In my review of All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #3, I said:

Since Batman kidnapped Dick Grayson in the first issue, at this rate it will be a miracle if they reach the Batcave by the fifth.

But according to the 6-page spalsh panel unveiled today, the Batmobile arrives home a whole issue ahead of schedule:


I love the tank from the Dark Knight Returns in mid-construction (see the full-size image here), but the attention it draws to this being a young Batman is undermined by the lifetime’s worth of disused vehicles surrounding it.

I guess bravura Batcave shots are always kind of excused as a kind of omni-continuity timewarp that traditionally includes as many versions of the Batmobile from previous decades as there is room for. So while Batman in regular continuity is probably in his late 30s, if not early 40s, it’s okay for cars from the 1950s and even 40s to be shown in his Batcave, like the one Lee drew for Hush about three years ago.

What we still don’t know is how they resolve the timeline discrepancy I noticed in the third issue:

it says Clark read the morning paper (with the news of Batman kidnapping Grayson) 15 hours before the scenes with the Batmobile. Which means Batman and Dick have been driving around for at least 24 hours, if not two days. If the Batmobile doesn’t surface in the Mediterranian next issue I’m going to wonder what’s been going down in those unaccounted hours.

But alas, they don’t surface in the Mediterranian, unless they’ve already been there and are already back in Gotham for an issue-ending splash. Or they’ve been in Gotham county the whole time, but just caught a few flicks at the drive-in theater to take Dick’s mind off the deaths of his parents, as Batman’s way of apologizing for his recent abuse and as Miller’s way of continuing the second issue’s disturbing subtext.

Of course the main drawback of 6-page panel is that it means only 16 pages are left for the rest of the issue. And considering that the first 15 pages of the last issue were devoted to a flashback of six months ago depicting Black Canary’s new origin, it doesn’t bode well for the title characters getting much page time nor for the plot being advanced much.

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