Don’t Doubt My Instincts!

Andy Kubert's Batman

As I predicted, it was announced today that come July, Andy Kubert — not Adam — will be pencilling the ongoing Batman title written by Grant Morrison. Like I said before, Kubert’s style is perfect for the Neal Adams-era stories Morrison wants to tell. Dan Didio said:

Grant wasn’t necessarily thinking about Batman, but when he heard of Andy’s interest, all of a sudden, he had a whole bunch of Batman stories he wanted to tell. They just really clicked really well. They’re really seeing eye to eye on terms of tonality and direction, and the editor Pete Tomasi is spending a lot of time and energy on all the classic elements of Batman, which is just what Grant wants to write, and Andy wants to draw.

And I think Andy will be perfect for a tale related to Ra’s Al Ghul, as Didio confirmed what the writer alluded to before, that:

Morrison’s story will be a follow-up of sorts to the 1987 formerly quasi-continuity graphic novel Son of Batman, which saw Batman father a child with Talia, Ra’ al Ghul’s daughter.

I think they meant Batman: Son of the Demon (preview in PDF here). In any case, does this, coupled with Selina Kyle having a bay-bee OYL in #53, mean that Batman is suddenly going to have two in-continuity children? Assuming the Catbaby is his, of course.

But actually, I think the possibility of bringing Talia and Bruce’s son into continuity reduces the likelihood that Selina’s girl will turn out to be Bruce’s child when his paternity is finally revealed several months from now (according to writer Will Pfeifer). I’ve heard the name Slam Bradley proposed as Selina’s most likely partner in crime but I’m not familiar with his history because I didn’t start following the Catwoman title until Pete Woods started pencilling it eight months ago.

But that still doesn’t diminish the crucial moral of this story: Your betting money is safe with me!

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