Bianchi covers Batman

Italian artist Simone Bianchi, most recently the artist for Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers miniseries Shining Knight, used the unmistakable design of Christian Bale's mask in Batman Begins for his cover of Green Lantern #9 (shipping next week):

Green Lantern #9

I usually don't like retrofittings from the movies to comics (like Wolverine's claws now popping out of his knuckles in the comics per Hugh Jackman, instead of the back of his hands) but it's good to know the Batman Begins design can look cool if you just make his head look not as fat, and fix the neck.

I guess Bianchi's cover for Detective Comics #819 in May is supposed to be similarly photoreferenced, but I think the added grooves on the forehead make it look more like the Midnighter's mask in The Authority:

But Bianchi makes up for it with his covers for Detective Comics #818 (in April) and Batman #653 (in May):

I tried mashing up the two covers to make a single complete image of Two-Face, but because the Detective cover is of a pre-Two-Face Harvey Dent, the two images don't match exactly. For one thing, Two-Face parts his hair differently. Anyway, here's the closest I could get to matching them up:

2 thoughts on “Bianchi covers Batman

  1. […] A couple months ago I mashed-up Simone Bianche's covers of April's Detective Comics #818 and May's Batman #653 to produce the following image of Two-Face: […]

  2. GrafxExtreme says:

    Admittedly, I’m not much into comics. However, as a graphic designer I do find it fun to “mash” two characters together in photoshop. The trick is matching them up and making it look like the image was created that way. My gandson loves them. I print out color copies for him to post on his wall.


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