Morrison on Batman!

It has just been announced that the greatest living writer of superheroes, currently in the midst of restoring Superman to his proper glory in the All-Star title, will be the new regular writer of the flagship Batman title:

In an unexpected announcement at the DC panel (though not coming as a complete surprise), it was just announced Grant Morrison will be the next regular writer of Batman, following James Robinson’s eight-part story arc running through that title and Detective beginning in March.

…Morrison said that he’s already plotted 15 issues, and in his first issue alone, he has 15 ninja man-bats as well as Talia, and the story is called “Batman & Son”. Morrison said Batman coming out of 52 OYL will be a more of a “fun guy, more healthy”, more like the “Neal Adams, hairy-chested, love-god” version of Batman.

Sounds good to me! Newsarama also adds:

Though not announced or even confirmed, popular rumor and speculation still holds that one of the DC exclusive Kubert brothers will eventually be announced as his artist.

I’d say that’s sound, and I further predict that ANDY Kubert will be the one pencilling the Bat, based on this clip from the DC website (video | audio), in which he talks about his familiarity with sketching the character until it comes naturally. Which would be great, because I think Andy is closer than his brother Adam to capturing the Neal Adams spirit that Morrison evidently wants to evoke.

3 thoughts on “Morrison on Batman!

  1. Brian Cronin says:

    My guess is that they’ll split the book, so that it ships on time. I think they were doing that on Ultimate X-Men for a time.

  2. Nobody says:

    I’m pretty sure Ultimate X-Men was always Adam Kubert, never Andy. I collected the first 40 or so issues of Ult. X, and I would have noticed if Andy was ever on it, since I had loved his recent year-long run on Captain America. I kind of got tired of his “painted” style on 1602 though, but I don’t think he’ll do that for Batman.

    Oh man, it would be awesome if Art Thibert could ink Andy on Batman. Thibert’s been working at DC lately and last November he said: “Hey, DC. There is one character I would still love to work on — Batman.”

  3. […] As I predicted, it was announced today that come July, Andy Kubert — not Adam — will be pencilling the ongoing Batman title written by Grant Morrison. Like I said before, Kubert’s style is perfect for the Neal Adams-era stories Morrison wants to tell. Dan Didio said: Grant wasn’t necessarily thinking about Batman, but when he heard of Andy’s interest, all of a sudden, he had a whole bunch of Batman stories he wanted to tell. They just really clicked really well. They’re really seeing eye to eye on terms of tonality and direction, and the editor Pete Tomasi is spending a lot of time and energy on all the classic elements of Batman, which is just what Grant wants to write, and Andy wants to draw. […]

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