I really enjoyed it and was definitely into the drama. I loved the use of opera (as score, not just source music) at least three times during the story.

I don’t want to comment on the story really, other than I was surprised the affair started later than I expected, which improved the suspense. The trailer actually did a good job of not tipping off too much of the plot.

Spoiler-free comments on the acting now:

This is kind of minor, but it was honestly great to see Brian Cox as a 100% nice guy without a hint of a sinister gleam in his eye. A rare thing.

Jonathan Rhys Myers was great but kept reminding me of Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator all the time. A lot of simpering I guess. His posh accent made it hard to buy his working-class upbringing though.

I don’t have to reiterate my credentials for devotion to Scarlett Johansson but to be honest, I don’t think this was her best performance. I don’t know if she just couldn’t make the script sound right or what. Stewie Griffen played drunk better in the Family Guy movie. She’s sexy and has a dead sexy voice, but when she tried to play sexy it just rang false. She’s better at playing ironic and aloof and sarcastic (and even naive, in The Island) but here she had to be more obvious and I don’t think it worked. In any case, her Golden Globe nomination is a fraud.

Emily Mortimer was great though, and even though she tried a little too hard to play young she was still very engaging.

I’m not a Woody Allen aficianado so I can’t compare it to most of his work, but I thought Match Point was better than Melinda and Melinda, and had better performances across the board (of course anyone would be better than Chloe Sevigny in that movie).

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