I thought it started out great but lost a little momentum around the time of the sub-par spider-worm duet.  It had the classic plot of a Shakespearean comedy but because of that you saw exactly where everything was going as soon as the corpse bride revealed her tragic origin (Mariana in Measure for Measure).  The rest of the movie was simply academic.

The first song underground sounded awfully like an Oompa-Loompa theme but it was no wonder once the credits rolled and I saw Deep Roy listed as one of the Dead Man’s Party-inspired singing skeletons.

Loved the animation and character designs (except for the corpse bride’s ugly collagen lips). However, I felt sorry for Peter Lorre who was caricatured as a worm not very flatteringly.

It also kind of turned into a one-joke skit that tried to cram in as many puns as possible.  Some of them would have been amusing if they slid by without acknowledgement (like a skeleton collapses behind somebody who then uses the phrase “picking up the pieces”) but when attention was drawn to them (then the skeleton says “speaking of PICKING UP the PIECES…”) it kind of ruined it (did they think it was too “subtle” or something?)

Again, the best bits were at the beginning and the non-pun humor, like Lord Everglot trying to smile. It’s the kind of movie that is undoubtedly fun to watch, but because the animation is the best part of the entire thing, it would be just as fun to watch again with the sound off as with it on. But for the most entertainment and originality, opt for Helena Bonham Carter’s other claymation movie this year, Wallace and Grommit.


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