DC Loses Mind in February and March

That’s right, just take a look at the cover by Fathom creator Michael Turner for Action Comics #812, the first of a six-part storyline cowritten by Turner which is running through the Superman titles for two months and thus contaminating Adventures of Superman #625, Superman #202, Action Comics #813, Adventures of Superman #626, and Superman #203.

Evidently, Superman is going to be sucked out of Metropolis and magically trapped on Krypton (I know, it’s supposed to have blown up years ago), where he will wear leather and RIDE A FREAKING MOTORCYCLE.

If you think you can handle it, you might want to check out the black-and-white preview of the first few pages by Turner-copycat and — surprise! — Fathom interior artist Talent Caldwell. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Dude, the motorcycle has GLOWING FREAKING TIRES!


2 thoughts on “DC Loses Mind in February and March

  1. […] The Superman comic books in February and March continue to suck according to schedule, as reported a couple months ago. But in an unforeseen twist to this story, comic fans are sucking up the sucking. DC Comics reports that Superman #202 has sold out, as well as second printings of Action Comics #812 and Adventures of Superman #625. Supes sold out two days after its February 25 release, while Action and Adventures also sold out on the same day, five days before they hit stores tomorrow. […]

  2. […] Remember the terrible covers on those Superman comics a year and a half ago? I mocked them as toilet paper and laughed at everyone who bought them, even as every issue sold out and DC ran rare second printings of each, then sold out of those. […]

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